Job Logging Guide


Firstly, you need to download the installer. You can grab it from: Here!

That link is a permament link. You will always find the latest installer here.

Running the installer

Our installer uses new technology built by Microsoft called WebView2, Microsoft tries to install this automatically but if your computer doesn't have it installed. Please use the link above to install it before continuing.

Our installer also requires administrator privileges if the tracker didn't ask you for administrator privileges when please close and run as administrator.

Starting the install

Just click the "Install TrackSim" button and we will do the rest, once it is complete, the tracker is fully installed and ready to go.

Just start your game and start driving, just make sure you click the SDK ok button when loading your game.

Thats it! Tracksim should now be installed and ready for you to use. It will log your jobs into the logbook discord channel and also log jobs onto the drivers hub.

If there is any bugs or issues please open a ticket within our Discord server!


If you are currently using Navio and want to uninstall it. Redownload the installer Here and run it then press uninstall and it will uninstall it for you.