New Driver Guide


Now that you are apart of Nebula Logistics we want to give you the best warm welcome we can. There is a few things that are required for you to do before we can get on the road. Please read through all the information provided below to get the best welcome and best tips, tricks and information.

Important Links


TMP Page


Drivers Hub

Docs Website

Company Color/Livery


The livery we use is called "Sade". It should be there for everyone

First Color

Hex: #1b1b1b


Second Color



Third Color

Hex: #9bf0ff

Our blue color

It should then look like this

alt text

Company Tag

Open the menu: Press TAB while in-game.

Activate your mouse in the menus: Right-Click when the menu is open - your mouse will then appear.

Getting to the settings

alt text

Setting your tag

You want to input "Nebula Logistics" into the player tag field.

alt text

Tag Color

RGB: 155, 240, 255 (Light Blue ish)

alt text